Who or Why or What is a DevOps Engineer ?

Who or Why or What is a DevOps Engineer ?

Creating a Product:

A Product be it of any size or proportion has to follow the same steps in all the industries first we should plan the Product Outcome i.e. Designing Then we have to build a small scale prototype (Development) We have to test the prototype (QA) make the prototype better from the QA and then to the Release (Production).

In the Steps we saw from a Computer Technology wise we saw the role of a Designer, Developer, Tester and people to mange them the Manager and a team to manage the Product outcome then Sales to sell the Product. But where does DevOps Comes ? what is the role of a DevOps engineer ?


Basically DevOps is responsible of the infrastructure of the product that is in Production and to ensure that there are numerous tools and methods we use depending upon the size and nature of the product seems a bit straight forward isn't? If DevOps is really about learning a few tools and configuring it couldn't a QA Engineer learn that? or couldn't a Developer learn it? and considering the fact that DevOps is one of the hottest jobs in recent years, Yes DevOps is that easy if you learn a few tools Kubernetes, Jenkins, AWS and these are pretty enough to be a good DevOps Engineer, There are 100s of Tech Institutes Claiming you can be a DevOps Engineer easily since there is no coding involved and we will be paid boat load of cash. But.. in a world that is rapidly getting filled with AI's and similar to Engineering trend in India everyone is into DevOps How can you stand out ?
How can you still be relevant ?

What Really is DevOps ?

DevOps is Development Operations DevOps is the bridge between Development and operation (Production). To be a Bridge we have to have understanding of both sides of the bridge so that the bridge that is being built will be solid. In DevOps you have to know deep about what is happening in the Development side and also have to have deep understanding of the user side. So learning 10 tools or 20 tools will make you a DevOps Engineer but it is never enough to stay relevant in this field.

Personal Experience:

My Start to DevOps truly started in a startup where I was part of a small 6 member Tech team. I knew about certain important tools and since I was coached well before joining I understood deep about certain important DevOps tools such as Docker, Terraform, AWS ....etc. As I was not from a Computer Background my coding knowledge was 0. Luckily I was part of a Team that had a Developer, an QA Engineer, a Team lead, an Experienced Developer, a product manager and me DevOps Engineer Due to the small Size of the team got to understand the depth that goes into code development and testing and later to stay relevant in the team I got the Opportunity to work in all steps of a Product. Since it was a small team and all in my age I learnt it all in a fun way and didn't know the value of the things that I was learning, ten I moved to a bigger environment and was trying to cope up in the bigger environment settling in was a lot easier for me because of the things that I was learning other than DevOps it gave me the confidence that I can not only survive but stay relevant in whatever environment that I am working in.

Not every one gets an Opportunity that I got but this blog is to tell you that make your own opportunity as a DevOps Engineer we always get Opportunity to learn new DevOps Tools and methods learn about other skills Learn JS, learn Python Learn by building something for yourself that's the best way to learn new things I built this simple Portfolio site in REACT JS https://jerrycloud.in/ cause I wanted to learn JS .it may seem irrelevant but to relevant these things will be a big help.

Hope this Blog helps !!!